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If you are having problems with your current TV Aerial, or whether you need to install a new one, Mike Harris is the best Aerial fitting company for you. We have a team of certified engineers who can visit your property right away and give you the best advice on which is the right aerial for your property. We can advise you on whether your current aerial needs fixing or whether you need a new aerial too.

Our Aerial fitting Team has many year’s experience and has fitted thousands of Aerials. We have a tremendous amount of experience and our engineers will sit down and explain the best option for your predicament.

Also, we offer a great after sales service and we are available for any information or advice too. We are very competitive on our Aerial Fitting services and we can offer tremendous quality and value to our customers as well.

We can usually attend your property on the same-day basis, and in many cases, we can even be at your house within the hour too. Our fitters are highly specialised and can help you to restify your issue.

Aerial Fitting

If you want to have your aerial fitted, you can contact our Aerial Fitting Team straight away on 07889223935

. Our Aerial Fitting team will arrange for one of our Aerial Fitters to attend your property ASAP and to give you the best advice on the remedy for your premises.

So, if you are wanting an Aerial Fitting for your house right now, please contact our expert aerial fitting team to book your appointment today and we will get you booked in immediately.

Mike Harris Aerial Fitting are Freeview Accredited Installers in Your Local Area

Digital television is in essence the same as Freeview TV, which includes Pay to view channels on the digital signal.

Be happy with over 100 Digital TV and Radio stations with Freeview and view the most up to date entertainment, sport, film and current affair updates straight to your home in Your Area!

With a perfect picture and exceptional signal quality you will be able to sit back, relax and take advantage over this magnificent offer!

Additionally, if you are thinking about a wider range of channels there is the choice to augment additional channels to ensure you don’t miss out on your favourite programmes!  Call Mike Harris Aerial Fitting for the greatest deal in Your Area!

Upgrade to Digital & Freeview TV NOW with an Aerial Fitting from Mike Harris!

You can obtain Freeview Digital TV services right now without the need to replace your existing TV set in Your Area.

The best choice for receiving Freeview within your house is to have a digital TV aerial installed, along with a digital television Freeview receiver set top box.

You will not need to upgrade your television set, but if you wish to do so, then you can buy a television which has Freeview built in. We are Your Area Freeview experts at Your Area TV Aerial Installation service.

Some info on Freeview HD in Your Area

Freeview HD is already being added to many homes in Your Area! Freeview broadcast means you could receive the apex of quality digital signal and enhanced picture and audio quality, still with no monthly costs or contracts!

Freeview HD is set to augment the already tremendous digital television reception, and provide a much bigger range of home viewing entertainment at your property.

Fort the perfect Aerial Fitting, Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite can give you a total Freeview system at your home, as well as the provision of a digital wideband television aerial fitting, fixing ancillaries, download, and Freeview recorder box or Freeview HD Box.

Our Freeview aerial fitting team will attend your property completely free and give you a FREE, NO OBLIGATION estimation for all works required to ensure you are switched onto digital!

After an Aerial Fitting download the Freeview app at any time on your mobile or tablet!

You don’t have to be in your premises in Your Area to record your favourite programmes with Freeview.

Download  the Freeview app to get the best out your favourite programmes and movies and sports! With the app, you can view live or on demand on the go or whenever you need to! Look at the range of shows from bbc iPlayer ITV Hub, All4, My5, & UKTV Play, and more. Find your next favourite programme on the go.

Easily find what you want to watch across all our demand players, or find your next favourite programme with top picks per category, all on your mobile or tablet.

Look at the TV guide & set reminders on the go so you never miss the TV series you love. Plus now you can scroll back through the television guide to catch up on the TV programmes you missed last week.  Watch the best TV programmes in Your Area.

More information from your aerial fitting team regarding Freeview in Your Area

Freeview commenced in 2002 taking over the licence from ITV Digital which collapsed that year. The service provides customer access via an antenna to the six DTT multiplexes that cover the United Kingdom including your beloved area!

In 2014, it had around 60 TV channels, 26 digital radio channels, 10 HD channels, six text services, 11 streamed stations, and one interactive station.

Numerous new HD channels commenced in 2014, from a new band of multiplexes. The new HD channels were commenced in approved locations on 10 December 2013 with a further roll-out during 2014.

Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite can also give you a Freeview HD Recorder system (before called Freeview+ or Freeview Playback) at your your address.

Have Freeview fitted today at your home by calling Mike Harris on 


Here are a pick of the main channels on Freeview network in Your Area: 

BBC One, Two and Four in HD.

ITV (STV in Scotland), available on +1 and in HD.

Channel 4 (S4C in Wales) available on +1 and in HD.

Channel 5, available on +1 and in HD.

4Seven in HD.

More4, Film4 and E4, available on +1.

ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and ITVBe, available on +1.

5 STAR and 5USA, available on +1.

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Our Customers Frequently Want To Know:

Can I put a TV aerial in my loft?

Yes. If your TV aerial provides you with a great signal when mounted in your loft, one of our aerial installers will be able to install and indoor tv aerial in your loft. However, if our diagnostic results provesthe aerial signal to be poor in your loft, our aerial fitters will be able to fit an exterior television antenna instead.

How much doers it cost to install an aerial?

The cost for fitting a TV aerial can vary depending on your needs. Contact our team of helpful fitters today for a completely free no obligation quote.

How long does a TV antenna last?

New up to date TV aerials available today are built to last for a long time, much longer than older ones. Today, you can expect a good quality antenna to last for at least ten to twenty years. However, the age range can vary depending on the weather.

Do I need a new TV antenna?

If you suspect you have a faulty, broken, or ancient television antenna, or you can no longer receive a great signal, it sounds like you will require a new television antenna. If you feel this is the case, best if you call a professional aerial fitter.

Do smart Televisions require an antenna?

To pick up any TV channels, you will need a television antenna, regardless if your TV is a smart TV. A smart TV will give you access to have internet TV services.

How do I test that my television antenna works?

Make sure your television antenna cable is securely connected into the socket in the back of your TV or set top box, and also into the socket on the wall. If there is no signal then your television antenna socket may not be connected to the aerial or the cable and is possibly cut or damaged: you will need to have an aerial fitting team visit your home and diagnose the television antenna and check if the cable runs into the building.

Can a Television work without an aerial?

For a television to obtain Freeview channels, you will need an television antenna. Your subscription channels and On Demand will either come through your broadband or a satellite dish. You will more than likely require an outdoor aerial that has the ability to obtain a digital Freeview signal.

Will an interior aerial work in my location?

We can’t say for definite until a member of our aerial fitting team attends your home. Usually, for an indoor aerial to be sufficient, you require a decent reception at your house. This normally means you need to be near to a transmitter – usually less than 15 miles away.

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Quick piece of info from your Your Area TV Aerial Fitting Team:

The difference between Analogue & Digital?

DTV has lots of advantages over analogue television, the most salient being that digital stations use up less bandwidth, and the bandwidth requirements are always variable, at a corresponding decrease in image quality depending on the level of compression as well as the resolution of the transmitted image. This means that digital broadcasters can give you more digital channels in the same space, and issue a high-definition television service, or give you other non-television listings such as multimedia or interactivity. DTV also allows special services such as multiplexing (more than one programme on the same station), electronic programme guides and extra languages (spoken or subtitled). The sale of non-television services may give an additional revenue income.

Digital and analogue signals react to interference in a different way. e.g. common problems with analogue TV include ghosting or shadowing of images, noise from weak signals, and many other possible problems which decrease the quality of the image and sound, although the programme may still be viewable. With digital TV, the audio and video must be synchronized digitally, so reception of the digital signal must be very nearly complete; or else, neither audio nor video will be usable. Short of this complete failure, “blocky” video is viewed when the digital signal encounters interference.

Analogue Television commenced with monophonic audio, and then developed multichannel television sound with two completely independent audio signal channels. DTV gves you up to 5 audio signal channels and also a sub-woofer bass channel, with broadcasts the same in quality to cinemas and DVDs etc.

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