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Sky is the biggest TV operator in the UK. As the dominating market leader in the TV industry, they undoubtedly offer the most channels. This makes the brand extremely appealing to the majority of the UK public. By expanding services, they have presented their first-ever smart TV. However, this is no regular Smart TV like other leading brands such as LG, Samsung, and Sony offer. 

The new Sky Glass TV has everything built into one device. It can also operate purely through Broadband facilities. That means no satellite dish, no separate Sky Box, and ultimately no hassle. To buy Sky Glass TV, click the link below to be redirected to Sky. 

Why You Should Buy Sky Glass TV

If you are currently a Sky customer there is no reason why you shouldn’t invest in a Sky Glass device. A Sky Box can cause clutter, and sometimes, it is hard to find the perfect position for these devices next to your TV. Especially if your TV is wall mounted.

Relying on a broadband connection, the Sky Box is already inside the TV. The TV is the first-ever TV with the box, including all channels, as well as all of your favourite apps built inside. For example, Netflix, Disney Plus, and BBC iPlayer. As if it cannot get better, the device is also the first TV in the world that is certified as a CarbonNeutral product. 

Moving onto the immersive design of the product. Sky Glass has a sleek, ultra-modern design, with an impressive soundbar built-in below the screen. With six powerful speakers built-in, the TV projects 360 Dolby Atmos surround sound. For a truly cinematic experience, the TV screen quality and sound will put you there.

The TV has been created using materials such as premium-grade aluminium and woven acoustic mesh and can be purchased in five different colours. This includes unique colours such as ocean blue and racing green. No matter your home or room size, the TV can accommodate any space as it comes in three sizes including 43”, 55”, and 65”. 

Sky Glass pricing  

The price of Sky Glass may very well be the most enticing part. The device can be purchased from Sky in a one-off payment. However, there is also the option to buy your TV like a mobile phone and adopt a flexible payment programme.

 The pricing options start at an astonishing £13 per month! There are also options to upgrade the TV size for additional costs. To see pricing options and upgrades, see the link below.


Expansion Options 

After purchasing Sky Glass, please note that these immense facilities will not only be restricted to one room. You can easily invest in Sky Puck. That will allow you to watch on-demand and live TV in up to six additional rooms. All at the same time! Consulting with the professional team at Sky will allow you to explore these options in more detail. 

The team at Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite can also assist with your Sky Glass installation process. 

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