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Mike Harris Alarm Installer Services have the highest quality wired & wireless alarm systems. Our professional engineers and technicians are completely trained and qualified to provide the best quality workmanship, advice, and equipment.

Our team will tailor every install to your own personal security requirements, as well as your budget and business restrictions.

We offer free quotations and estimates for all new burglar alarms, Intruder Alarm systems & CCTV installations at your home.

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Our alarm installers can supply and install intruder alarms. This is particularly important as the crime rate is on the rise. It is vital to have peace of mind with regard to safety measures at home. We can install an alarm that can detect any criminal entry to your property to suit your requirements & budget.

Mike Harris can supply & install sensors to monitor doors and windows linked up to exterior sirens. We can also install pet-friendly sensors. This will safeguard you against false alarms.

We can also connect the burglar/intruder alarm to your telephone line. In the event of your alarm being triggered, your Alarm can phone up to eight pre-programmed telephone numbers. When answered, your burglar alarm will talk to the recipient telling them of your situation.

The Wireless Alarm system is a complete two-way wireless control panel using wireless devices. Two-way wireless technology is a vital part of the system that keeps it safe and reliable. Each device on the Wireless alarm system is a transmitter and a receiver, offering the Alarm installer a status reading at both the control panel, and the wireless device.

A wireless alarm system is a system that includes a control panel and a variety of wireless devices which all use two-way wireless technology. The two-way wireless technology is a vital part of the system that keeps it reliable and provides a major advantage to the user. Each wireless device on the system, including key fobs, has a transmitter and a receiver. This allows the implementation of the following technologies: – Instant two-way Device Control (IBTC) – Signal Strength Indicator (SSI) – Proprietary two-way data encryption (BDE) – Intelligent jamming detection. We install a wide range of Visonic alarms as well as Pyronic alarm systems.

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Quick piece of info from Mike Harris Alarm Installer Services Team:

Wired, wireless, and hybrid systems

Our alarm installers can Install a wireless magnetic contact breaker on a door.

The trigger signal from an alarm sensor is transmitted to one or more control unit(s) either through wires or wireless means (radio, line carrier, infrared). Wired systems are different from wireless systems as they are convenient when sensors (such as PIRs, smoke detectors, etc.) require external power to operate efficiently. However, these may be more expensive to fit.

Economical wired systems utilize a star network topology, where the panel is located in the middle logically, and all devices home run their line wires back to the panel. Higher-end panels use a Bus network topology where the wire basically is a data loop that is circled in the perimeter of the facility, and has drops for the sensor devices which must have a unique device identifier integrated into the sensor device itself (e.g. id. biscuit). Wired alarm systems also have the advantage, if wired properly, of being tamper-evident.

Wireless systems, alternatively, often use battery-powered transmitters which are easier to fit and usually have less costly start-up costs, but may decrease the reliability of the system if the batteries are not maintained. However the latest up to date wireless alarm systems are just as good as the wired systems. Depending on distance and construction materials, one or more wireless repeaters could be needed to have the signal to the alarm panel reliably.

A wireless system can be relocated to a new home easily, an advantage for those who rent or who move house frequently. The more important wireless connection for security is the one between the control panel and the monitoring station. Wireless monitoring of the alarm system protects against an intruder cutting a cable or from failures of an internet provider. This complete wireless setup is normally referred to as 100% wireless.

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