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Our Aerial Installation Services

aerial installersIf you are having problems with your current TV Aerial, or whether you need to install a new one, Mike Harris is the company for you. We have a team of certified engineers who can visit your property right away and give you the best advice on which is the right aerial for your property. We can advise you on whether your current aerial needs fixing or whether you need a new aerial too.

Our Aerial Installation Team has many year’s experience and has fitted thousands of Aerials. We have a huge amount of experience and our engineers will sit down and explain the best option for your problem.

In addition to this, we offer a great after sales service and we are available for any help or advice too. We are highly competitive on our Aerial Installation services and we also offer great quality and value to our customers too.

We can normally attend your property on the same-day basis, and in many instances, we can even be at your property within the hour too. Our engineers are highly specialised and can help you to fix your issue.

Aerial Installation

If you want to get your aerial installed, you can contact our Aerial Installation Team right away on 0800 051 7638 or mobile 07889 223 935. Our Aerial Installation team will arrange for one of our Aerial Installers to visit your property as soon as possible and to give you the best advice on the solution for your property.

So, if you are looking for Aerial Installation for your house right away, please contact our expert installation team to make your appointment today and we will get you booked right away.

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Customers Frequently Ask:

Can I put a TV aerial in my loft?

Yes. If your TV aerial provides you with good reception when mounted in your loft, one of our aerial installers will be able to install and indoor tv aerial in your loft. However, if our diagnostic test proves reception to be poor in your loft, our aerial engineers will be able to install an outdoor tv aerial instead.

How much doers it cost to install an aerial?

Price for installing a TV aerial will vary depending on your requirements. Contact our team of helpful installers today for a free no obligation quote.

How long does a TV aerial last?

Modern TV aerials available today are built to last for a long time, much longer than older ones. Today, you can expect a good quality antenna to last for ten to twenty years. However, the age range can vary depending on the weather.

Do I need a new TV aerial?

If you suspect you have a faulty, broken, an old TV aerial, or you can no longer recieve a signal, the chances are you will need a new TV aerial. If you feel this is the case, you will need to employ an aerial installer.

Do smart TVs need an aerial?

In order to pick up any TV channels, you will need a TV aerial, regardless if your TV is a smart TV. A smart TV will allow you to have internet TV services.

How do I check that my aerial works?

Make sure your aerial cable is securely plugged into the socket in the back of your TV or set top box, and also into the socket on the wall. If there is no signal then your aerial socket may not be connected to the aerial or the cable is cut or damaged: you will need to have an aerial engineer comne to your property and look at the aerial and check if the cable runs into the building.

Can a TV work with an aerial?

In order for you to recieve Freeview channels, you will need an aerial. Your subscription channels and On Demand will either come through your broadband or a satellite dish. You will more than likely need an outdoor aerial that can recieve a digital Freeview signal.

Will an indoor aerial work in my area?

We can’t say for definite until one of our engineers visits your property. Normally, for an indoor aerial to be sufficient, you need good reception at your house. This usually means you need to be close to a transmitter – preferably less than 15 miles away.

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Mike Harris. All types of TV installation & wall mounting

Call now on 0800 051 7638 or 07889 223 935

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Call 0800 051 7638 or Click Here to email your enquiry to us.