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TV Aerial Installation In Macclesfield

We at Mike Harris TV Aerial Installation Macclesfield are here to help, so, no matter what problem you are having, we can and will help you and assist you in achieving the best picture you can possibly get. To support in this endeavour, we have a number of services, all tailored around the customer. Furthermore, there is no situation in which we can’t help, be that a brand-new system or a repair of an existing system. 

Our repair and improvement service

We are uniquely aware that not every customer requires a new installation, which is why we offer an extensive system improvement service. Our improvement service is very customer orientated and designed to be as practical as possible. The service itself is straight forward to arrange and completely mess free, just call us today and see for yourself. Once you call our helpful office staff, they will arrange with you a consultation with an engineer. The engineer will come out to you at a date and time of your choosing, which can be almost any time throughout the week. 

We understand that most people have a busy working life and a tight schedule, which is why we provide special time slots for people working nine to five, or longer, who are normally excluded by other companies limited opening hours. 

Once the engineer arrives at your property, he will then carry out a diagnostic service to determine what is causing your poor signal, or what could do with being improved or modernised. They will do this using the most modern diagnostic tools available on the market, to ensure that no fault or weakness is missed. Then, the engineer will give suggestions on possible improvements along with the associated cost.

If an option we provide suits you, then it can even be actioned during that very same visit, so no second appointment is needed. But of course, you can also send the engineer on his way, without doing any further work, in the unlikely event that none of the options suits you.

We do our best for the community of Macclesfield

We are situated and based locally in Macclesfield and we do our utmost to support residents of Macclesfield and the greater Macclesfield area. We leave no area uncovered, no customer unsupported and no rock unturned. We also do our very best to support all the amazing and high-quality sport we have local to ourselves here in Macclesfield, such as the glorious Macclesfield Town FC and the large number of youth football teams such as Macclesfield Saints JFC and Macclesfield Juniors FC.

With such an abundance of excellent sport, right here in Macclesfield, we strongly believe every resident should have a perfect picture and be able to watch said local sport without any interruption due to imperfect signal. Furthermore, good TV signal is crucial to keeping up to date with local news, events and weather, which are all vital. So, what are you waiting for? There is no other TV aerial installer like us, so get in contact with us today!

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