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At Mike Harris TV Aerial Installation Colchester we specialise in a range of services. For example indoor aerials, aerial and satellite installations, home cinemas, and TV wall-mounting. Due to being a local, family run business and having over 12 years of experience we have become the market-leading company in the area. 

Thanks to their vast amount of experience our engineers can install the most complex of aerials. Therefore, we offer our services at Mike Harris TV Aerial Installer Colchester to both domestic and commercial properties. 

Due to being local we are happy to offer a free call-out service, as well as same day or next day service. Meaning our services at Mike Harris TV Aerial Installation Colchester come with a free warranty guarantee. 

Additional services

We also offer service to provide you with TV players and streamed services at Mike Harris TV Aerial Installer Colchester. For example we can link your TV box to your broadband router and provide internet and on-demand access. 

If your aerial requires an upgrade in order to view Prime/BT/YouView/Humax we can do this for you easily at TV Aerial Installation Colchester. Meaning we can provide you with access to a number of streaming services including Apple TV, Disney Plus UK and HBO Now. 

At Mike Harris TV Aerial Installation Colchester we are also specialists in providing a number of TV Aerial points This allows you to transfer Sky TV or Freeview into any room you require.

Why should you choose Mike Harris? 

To ensure their skills and knowledge are up to date our technicians regularly attend training programmes. In order to stay up to date with the digital age we only use the latest technology and digital equipment.  Thus allowing us to continue to exceed industry standards. 

Whatever your needs, we promise to meet them. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 

Give us a call on 01206 581 127.

About Colchester

Colchester is said to be the oldest recorded town in Britain on the grounds that it was mentioned by Pliny the Elder, who died in AD 79, although the Celtic name of the town, Camulodunon appears on coins minted by tribal chieftain Tasciovanus in the period 20–10 BC.Before the Roman conquest of Britain it was already a centre of power for Cunobelin – known to Shakespeare as Cymbeline – king of the Catuvellauni (c. 5 BC – AD 40), who minted coins there.


Its Celtic name, Camulodunon, variously represented as CA, CAM, CAMV, CAMVL and CAMVLODVNO on the coins of Cunobelinus, means ‘the fortress of [the war god] Camulos’. During the 30s AD Camulodunon controlled a large swathe of Southern and Eastern Britain, with Cunobelin called “King of the Britons” by Roman writers. Camulodunon is sometimes popularly considered one of many possible sites around Britain for the legendary (perhaps mythical) Camelot of King Arthur,though the name Camelot (first mentioned by the 12th century French Arthurian storyteller Chrétien de Troyes) is most likely a corruption of Camlann, a now unknown location first mentioned in the 10th century Welsh annalistic text Annales Cambriae, identified as the place where Arthur was slain in battle.


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