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Mike Harris TV Aerial Installation Bracknell would de delighted to provide you with an outstanding tv aerial or satellite, all of our systems at modern and up to date. Further, we believe in value for money. Therefore, all our services and pried at a competitive price, and all products and durable and long-lasting.

Aerial Replacements & Repairs

If you would like for a digital aerial fitment or repair, we can assist you. Notably, at some point, every house discovers that their aerial is no longer functioning correctly. Yet, it is particularly common when trying to obtain digital TV services through an older aerial. If that is the case, it may make economic sense to restore the current antenna.

Further, there are many motives why you might discover that your signal has damaged. Further, it might just be that you have a lousy signal on some channels. Perhaps your aerial has been damaged by lightning. First, your aerial could fall object to adverse winds or become blocked fast-growing trees. Or it might be only that your aerial, has started to wear. Additionally, we can deliver you with the correct resolution to any aerial fault. Overall, all aerial fitments come with a minimum of a full twelve-month warranty, and we only fit the best high quality, high gain aerial for your digital picture.

Freeview Installations

Freeview is an outstanding digital television and radio service with no monthly subscription fee. Almost all new TVs come with a Freeview tuner built-in. Further, you can obtain a multitude of channels including all the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 channels as well as digital radio services. And all in crystal clear digital clarity.

Further, Freeview+ and Freeview+HD boxes are available which offer the capability to record your favourite programmes easily and watch HD transmissions. BT TV provides these features too as well as several premium channels for a monthly subscription.

Freeview box

Sadly, not all aerials are appropriate for collecting digital signals. Therefore, if you discover yourself feeling from a soft signal, call us. Also, we can recommend exactly the digital aerial installation you require to ensure the best reception for digital compatibility.  For Freeview and Digital TV Aerials call us today.

Additionally, contact us today for a free estimate and free guidance. Also, we think we offer exceptional service; all our customers come from word of mouth.

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Importantly, you will get a service that is budget-friendly, high quality, fast, reliable and dependable. Following this, you will be receiving a new tv signal which ensures a crystal clear picture image, for your entertainment needs. Above all, you will get a high value for money and durable service.

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Bracknell History

One of the oldest buildings in the town is the ‘Old Manor’ public house, a 17th-century brick manor house featuring several priest holes. Further, next door once stood the ‘Hind’s Head’ coaching inn, where it is said Dick Turpin used to drink. Also, it is believed that there were once tunnels between the two, along which the famous highwayman could escape from the authorities. Additionally, other surviving old pubs are the Red Lion and the Bull, all timber-framed and dating from before the 18th century.

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