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Satellite Dish Installation In Bearsden

Want the Perfect Bearsden TV Aerial Installation?

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Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite are a local based Bearsden TV Aerial Installation and Repair Company.

Call 0141 471 7391 to have Your TV Reception Fixed Today!

Our fitters in Bearsden specialise in all types of TV Aerial and Satellite installation and Repairs, Freesat Fitting and Repairs, Freeview Installs and Fixes, TV wall mount installations.

From aerial installations to complex European and foreign satellite installations, Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite are your local Bearsden experts. We know G61 like the back of our hand. Even Better!

Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite are Proud to serve Bearsden and offer you the best Bearsden TV aerial installation!

Apart from our own fantastic Bearsden we serve the surrounding areas including Milngavie, Kirkintilloch, Kilsyth, Cumbernauld.

What the experienced professionals of Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite can offer you:

We offer free estimates on all new Bearsden TV Aerial installations

All work is guaranteed in Bearsden

​Friendly repairmen for customer satisfaction throughout Bearsden

We are fully insured for peace of mind to every Customer in Bearsden

Specialists in Fault finding everywhere in Bearsden

We offer Aerial Realignments to all our Customers in Bearsden

Experts in Digital TV aerial repairs and installations everywhere in Bearsden

Trained in all aspects of Aerial upgrades at all homes in Bearsden

All types of TV Aerials supplied and fitted throughout Bearsden

Qualified in aerial repairs and installations To every property in Bearsden

Very skilled in all Freeview aerial installs and repairs at every location in Bearsden

Can Relocate TV aerials and satellite dishes to anywhere else in your property anywhere in Bearsden

Can supply Extra multiroom T.V Points to ALL homes in Bearsden

We offer a SAME DAY 1 hour local SERVICE with FREE QUOTATIONS on all new Installations, residential and commercial through Bearsden.

Perfect TV Pictures in Every Room in your Bearsden Property? Click here to Contact us Now

Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite services can attend your property in Bearsden & perform a COMPLETE diagnosis of your digital television viewing system.

To guarantee that you are left with a picture perfect Television signal, we will identify all faults within your system and work on each issue to make sure that you are able to enjoy your TV with 100% satisfaction. We can also install extra points in each room.

Why Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite?

Local Installers in Bearsden– with in depth local knowledge of Bearsden

Experience – All Mike Harris Installers have many years’ experience in Bearsden

Fully Insured – Full public liability insurance & guarantees for peace of mind to ALL Customers in Bearsden

Best Equipment – The best materials & tools to ensure the BEST TV Aerial installation in Bearsden

Price Match – We will match any written quote on a like for like basis for ALL Customers in Bearsden

Poor Reception? We can give you the Perfect Aerial Installation

If your old Aerial Installation doesnt work we can boost your signal strength with a new Digital TV Aerial and an aerial amplifier

If you have poor reception or weak signal in your signal area we can give you great Digital TV and TV Reception

Have you recently had a new smart TV installed?

We can help you set up your TV channels, re-tune, wall mounting, smart TV setup, and more in Bearsden. Our expert specialists carry all the parts necessary to carry out any TV installation or repair work including TV wall mounts, cables, walk sockets, etc. in Bearsden.

To get the best possible deal on new TV aerials and Digital TV upgrades, call us today and get a free estimate at 0141 471 7391.

We are specialists in Digital TV Aerial and satellite installation and repairs. Get in touch with us today if you’re experiencing bad signal, a loss of signal or any other issues!

A typical TV aerial repair from Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite in Bearsden includes:

Checking TV Aerial / Satellite Dish Alignment & Positioning

Checking of External & Internal Cabling For Signal Loss

Checking of All Connected Aerial / Satellite Points / Satellite Dish

Checking Of Home Distribution Network / Aerial Amplifier

Checking/Tuning of Connected Components such as TV, Sky, Freeview

SAME DAY SERVICE IN BEARSDEN– Usually within 1 hour of your telephone call!

Can you and your family never agree on what to watch on television? No problem! Watch different Sky or Freesat or Freeview channels in another room with multiroom at all locations in Bearsden.

A multiroom system can be completely customised and tailored to suit your viewing requirements, and allow each digital television in the home to view programmes independently of each other at all properties in Bearsden.

You can also ‘playback’ what you are watching another TV, which is ideal if you don’t wish to purchase a separate DVD or Satellite receiver for every room in your home.

We can also set up games consoles & projector screens for many Customers in Bearsden

Would you like a TV WALL mount Installation in your Bearsden home?

Mike Harris TV Aerial and Satellite Services Bearsden offer a same day professional flat screen TV wall mounting service that will maximise your viewing potential and eliminate any problems with your installation at your home in Bearsden.

Our local engineers will visit your property in Bearsden and help you decide the best location for your digital LCD or plasma TV, as well as advice on the best fittings and discreet cabling. We can install a new TV, or remove one for you if you’re moving home.

With years of home digital system experience in Bearsden we can help to ensure your viewing experience is as enjoyable as possible, and provide extra services such as the installation of a Freeview compatible aerial to compliment your TV’s digital capability.

We can also offer Freeview, Freesat or Sky HD to take advantage of the latest home entertainment technology so what are you waiting for? Contact Bearsden TV Aerial Installation service.

Modern flat panel televisions are not only stylish and sleek but can also save a lot of space when properly mounted on walls.

At Mike Harris TV Aerials Bearsden, we install and tune a variety of televisions, and can wall mount them too.

Our skilled staff in Bearsden are able to carefully attach the brackets without causing any damage to the wall and can offer a neat finish with cable management.

We also undertake a wide range of extra services such as the installation of multi-point TV systems, fixing issues with poor TV reception, European TV satellite systems, or even digital TV upgrades. Contact us if you need help wall mounting a TV in an around the Bearsden area.

With years of home digital system experience in Bearsden, we can help to ensure your viewing experience is as enjoyable as possible.

Mike Harris TV Aerial and satellite services Bearsden are also experts at connecting multiple connections into the AV receiver with just one output cable to your TV, saving the need for multiple cables between devices.

This allows just one point of connection to your TV via HDMI cables /connections we will always ensure that all your devices are working to your satisfaction and will offer a full demo on all your working TV devices before we leave your Bearsden premises.

Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite are Freeview Accredited Installers in Bearsden

Digital TV is the same as Freeview TV, which includes Pay to view channels on the digital signal.

Enjoy over 100 Digital TV and Radio channels with Freeview and get the latest entertainment, sport, film and current affair updates straight to your home in Bearsden!

With a clear picture and fantastic signal you will be able to sit back, relax and take advantage over this amazing offer!

Additionally, if you are looking for a wider range of channels there is the option to add additional channels to ensure you don’t miss out on your favourite shows!  Call Mike Harris for the best deal in Bearsden!

Upgrade to Digital & Freeview TV NOW in Bearsden!

You can get Freeview Digital TV services today without the need to replace your current TV set in Bearsden.

The most common choice for receiving Freeview within your home is to have a digital TV aerial installed, along with a digital television Freeview receiver set top box.

You will not need to upgrade your television set, however if you wish to do so, then you can purchase a television which has Freeview built in. We are Bearsden Freeview experts. Bearsden TV Aerial Installation service.

Freeview HD in Bearsden

Freeview HD is already being broadcast to many homes in Bearsden! This broadcast means you could receive the highest of quality digital signal and improved picture and audio quality, still with no monthly costs or contracts!

Freeview HD is set to improve the already fantastic digital television reception, and provide a greater range of home viewing entertainment at your Bearsden home.

Fort the perfect Bearsden TV Aerial installation Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite can supply and fit a complete Freeview system at your home in Bearsden, including the provision of a digital wideband television aerial, fixing ancillaries, download, and Freeview recorder box or Freeview HD Box.

Our Freeview aerial installers will visit your home in Bearsden free of charge and provide a FREE, NO OBLIGATION quotation for any works required to get you switched onto digital!

You don’t have to be in your home in Bearsden to record your favourite shows with Freeview.

Get the Freeview app to get the best out your favourite programmes and movies! With the app, you can watch live or on demand on the go or whenever it suits you! Browse the range of shows from bbc iPlayer ITV Hub, All4, My5, & UKTV Play, and more. Find your next favourite programme on the go.

Easily find what you want to watch across all our demand players, or discover your next favourite programme with top picks per category, all on your mobile or tablet.

Check the TV guide & set reminders on the go so you never ever miss the programmes you love. Plus now you can scroll back through the TV guide to catch up on the TV programmes you missed last week.  Watch the best TV Channels in Bearsden.

More information on Freeview

Freeview was launched in 2002 taking over the licence from ITV Digital which collapsed that year. The service provides consumer access via an aerial to the six DTT multiplexes covering the United Kingdom including Bearsden!

In April 2014, it had some 60 TV channels, 26 digital radio channels, 10 HD channels, six text services, 11 streamed channels, and one interactive channel.

A number of new HD channels launched in 2014, from a new group of multiplexes. The new HD channels were launched in selected areas on 10 December 2013 with a further roll-out during 2014.

Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite also supply and install a Freeview HD Recorder system (also previously called Freeview+ or Freeview Playback)at your Bearsden property.

Get Freeview installed today in Bearsden by calling Mike Harris on 0141 471 7391

Some of the main channels on Freeview network in Bearsden are: 

BBC One, Two and Four in HD.

ITV (STV in Scotland), available on +1 and in HD.

Channel 4 (S4C in Wales) available on +1 and in HD.

Channel 5, available on +1 and in HD.

4Seven in HD.

More4, Film4 and E4, available on +1.

ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and ITVBe, available on +1.

5 STAR and 5USA, available on +1.

Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite are also FREESAT ACCREDITED INSTALLERS IN BEARSDEN

Mike Harris Bearsden TV Aerial Installation can supply and install Freesat in Bearsden with NO monthly charges and improve your TV watching with HD experience!

Our specialists are able to install and repair Freesat satellite systems within Bearsden. Enjoy a wide range of FREE channels and NO monthly fees when you get your Freesat installed by Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite Bearsden.

Get your Freesat installed by one of our fully trained engineers with just a one-off cost!

As specialists, we can supply and install Freesat SD, Freesat HD and Freesat HD Recordable satellite systems. Be sure to contact Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite in Bearsden for information and advice on which Freesat digital satellite receiver is suited to your requirements.

You don’t have to be in your home in Bearsden to record your favourite shows with freesat.

Use your phone to control your TV with the FREESAT App! Pair with your box to record your favourite programmes on the go.

Remote record Set recordings for your favourite shows wherever you are. Launch BBC iPlayer & ITV hub & more from your phone onto your TV in your home in Bearsden.

You can also add on demand services on FREESAT including shows for the kids to the latest blockbuster films.

About Freesat & Free Digital Television

The new Freesat system has been developed to provide greater network coverage for the UK, with approximately 98% of all UK households being able to receive the digital satellite signal, and will provide digital television viewing for those who are unable to receive the current Freeview signal in Bearsden.

Bearsden TV Aerial Installation are experts in this.

Freesat also provides super-fast digital text and enhanced interactivity, with access to the latest local, national and world news, and even live sports results!

The new Freesat system has built-in TV programming guide, providing you with TV listings seven days in advance of when your favourite digital television shows are onat your home in Bearsden. Digital subtitles and audio description are also available. No Monthly Subscription!

More information on fressat

The freesat system, as the name suggests, is free satellite TV viewing for anyone who wishes to watch digital TV in Bearsden.

With over 150 channels including TV & Radio already available, and an estimated increase to around 200 free digital channels, Freesat could be the new digital vision for the future, and provide a superb alternative to Freeview TV or Sky Freesat.

As opposed to the Sky Freesat system, you will not require a card to unlock the free channels, and the BBC has announced the Freesat service will remain free, forever.

Can I get freesat in Bearsden?

Freesat is available everywhere in the UK as it is delivered via satellite. To get Freesat, you will need a satellite dish. We can fit one for you in Bearsden.

If you do not already have a satellite dish, we can install a new satellite dish for you in Bearsden when you purchase your freesat box or TV.

Some homes in Bearsden may not be able to receive freesat if their dish is not able to be positioned with a clear line of sight to the sky in the South East. If this is the case, we will be able to advise you further.

We have always managed to give everyone in Bearsden a satellite signal.

Here are just some of the channels available on freesat in Bearsden: 

Entertainment: BBC Three, BBC Four, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, E4, More4, 5 USA, 5 +1.

News: BBC News, BBC Parliament, Sky News, Russia Today (RT), Al Jazeera.

Films: Film4, True Movies.

Lifestyle: Food Network UK, Showcase TV, FilmOn.TV, Travel Channel.

Kids’: CBBC, CBeebies, CITV


We offer a range of fully fitted packages to best suit your needs. Get BBC/ITV Freesat in Standard Definition in Bearsden from only £149 and High Definition from £249 – this fee includes your box which will be fitted by one of our engineers in Bearsden. * *Limited offer while stocks last*

Are you getting a bad broadband signal in your Bearsden home? 

We can ensure you a quality broadband signal in Bearsden by installing satellite broadband in your home.

Satellite internet has changed. Thanks to new technologies Mike Harris can deliver faster speeds, better value and more data than ever before to your property in Bearsden.

Making satellite the ideal solution for areas where fibre broadband either isn’t available or where it is slow and unreliable. YOU can have great broadband no matter where you live in Bearsden. Contact Mike Harris Bearsden TV Aerial Installation service.

Mike Harris Bearsden are THE experts in Sky, Freesat, Foreign & European satellite installations & repairs including dish realignments, discreet cabling & dish positioning installations, satellite broadband, and more in Bearsden.

All our Bearsden Engineers are fully experienced at installing sky satellite systems and have the knowledge to carry out discreet installations to meet each individual Customer’s requirements including hidden dishes and cables at all properties in Bearsden.

Want Extra Telephone or Computer points in your Home in Bearsden?

Do you need extra telephone points adding to your home in Bearsden? Or data cabling services for your office in Bearsden? Maybe your current socket is badly situated and you need it moving?

You also may need extra network points added to those rooms where your Wi-Fi doesn’t reach? Mike Harris TV Aerial & Satellite in Bearsden can offer these services for a great price with a fast, same day service available in Bearsden.

Telephone Points

Extra Telephone Sockets

Telephone and network point repairs

Data cabling

Extra LAN sockets fitted

Extra Telephone Sockets


Fault Finding & Repair


Home Networking

Maintenance Contracts Available


At Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite Bearsden, we specialise in supplying and installing high end satellite TV systems to all Customers in Bearsden, which are capable of receiving European satellite TV.

Our satellite TV systems can be tailor-made to receive a number of channels in a variety of languages. Bearsden TV Aerial Installation service.


With the correct sized dish and a clear view of the satellites in space, you can enjoy European and foreign satellite TV, radio and HD programmes in Bearsden!

You could get free to air satellite channels, which include hundreds of satellite TV channels to choose from all over Europe and Africa and which can be enjoyed in your house in Bearsden with no monthly subscriptions.

This is perfect for anyone not wanting to pay for extra channels. Bearsden TV Aerial Installation service.

With the proper sized dish correctly installed, you could be getting a wide range of free European satellite TV in dozens of languages in your own home in Bearsden.

In addition to free to air channels, you can also get premium based TV channels, however, this will require special equipment.

Here are just some of the benefits of having foreign & European satellite in Bearsden: 

Thousands Of Digital TV and Radio Services from all over the world

TV From Europe and the rest of the World

Free and Pay TV Services

HD and 3D Broadcasts

Your Bearsden Home Made Safe Today?

Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite Services have alarm and CCTV (close circuit television) installations engineers and technicians that are fully trained and qualified to provide the best quality workmanship and advice to all residents in Bearsden.

We will tailor every installation to meet your security requirements, as well as your budget and business restrictions, and you can be rest assured that all the equipment we supply is of the highest quality.

We offer free quotations for all new CCTV home security installations at your Bearsden home. Call us now on 0141 471 7391

Quick piece of info from your Bearsden TV Aerial Installation Team:

Just to say the new Kirkintilloch Cinema is up & running and has some great feature films on at the moment.

Quick piece of trivia from your Bearsden TV Aerial Installation Team:

Did you know that Alex Kapranos of music band Franz Ferdinand attended Bearsden Academy?

Also: Why Bearsden is called Bearsden?

The current name Bearsden originated from the railway station built in 1863, but the origin of the name itself is still really unresolved.

The station was named after a house that was near the station site (to avoid confusion with Old Kilpatrick station), but it was recorded as a name for the immediate area before that time.

Some Famous people who lived in Bearden are:

Mea Allan, journalist, novelist and biographer

Julia Donaldson, author of The Gruffalo and other children’s books, lived in the town. Gruffalo sculptures have been placed around Kilmardinny Loch (see photo).

Jessie M. King, Scottish painter and member of the Glasgow Girls, was born in the New Kilpatrick manse as the daughter of the minister

Edwin Morgan, The Scots Makar and Poet Laureate, was resident in Bearsden for many years, and featured the town in some of his works (e.g. the sonnet “Carboniferous”)

David J. Thouless, 2016 winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics

Prof Robert Wilson Dron FRSE, geologist and coal-mining expert lived at Utica on Thorn Drive in Bearsden

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