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Mike Harris TV Aerial Installation Dover

Manly, we are Mike Harris Aerials and Satellites, and we are on hand to help with all your TV-related needs. We assist in every situation and tackle any work, whether it is a brand new and comprehensive system installation or simply a cable run. We are experts in our field. We use only the most modern and up to date tools and techniques, to ensure that we carry out our work to the highest level of accuracy and durability possible. We also supply and install state of the art products that are built to last and very powerful.

Dover based and Dover run

The town of dover is at our core; it is where we are based and where we operate from.  Also, we have been enthusiastically serving dover for many years now, and we have always made it our goal to provide the people of dover with the highest quality TV picture that is entirely resistant to poor signal or pixilation.

TV Aerial Installation Dover

Primarily, we offer a multitude of services. Further, we will confidently undertake any TV related work, from aerials and satellites to TV wall mounting, we can help in any situations. Our selection of aerials is unusually broad, including all modern types of aerials such as;

  • Yagi TV aerials – Perhaps the most common types of aerial. Very recognizable and overall an excellent all-round aerial that is suitable for many applications
  • Log aerial – Another very common aerial that has gotten more popular since the switch to digital aerials
  • High gain aerials – High gain aerials are aerials that not only receive a signal but also simultaneously amplify it, making high gain aerials perfect for areas that just generally have poor signal or are prone to interference.
  • Loft aerials – These are aerials that work as usual and almost identical to the other types of aerials. However, these aerials are specifically designed to be installed in a loft or an attic. Perfect for situations in which it is not possible to install an aerial onto the outside of a building, whether that be for technical reasons or if it is merely something you don’t want.
  • Indoor aerials – While very portable and often smaller than other types of aerials, these aerials are usually the last resort, as they simply don’t provide the same quality of the signal as the other, permanent aerials do.
  • Full band aerials – Aerials that can pick up multiple wavelengths or frequencies from many different transmitters. Perfect for when two TV transmitter are nearby, and you can’t decide which area you would prefer to receive channels from.

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Overall, we are dover’s number 1 TV aerials installer; no one else offers as exceptional service at the same price, so, call us today and start your journey to a perfect TV picture. Contact us on 01304799972

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