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If you are in need of an aerial and satellite installation, or you’re having issues with your current aerial, Mike Harris TV Aerial Installation Canterbury is here to help.Whatever your needs, our trained engineers can offer their expertise. As we are a local business at Mike Harris TV Aerial Installer Canterbury we provide same day or next day services. Additionally we offer a free call-out service and free quotes with a 10% discount for all customers 65 and over. 

We offer our services to all properties in and around Canterbury. IN order to meet all your needs all of our services are tailored specifically to you. With our vast amounts of experience, at TV Aerial Installation Canterbury we offer the best quality service in the area. 

Do you need a new Digital TV Aerial fitted?

All of our equipment is the most advanced and has been tested and approved at Mike Harrist TV Aerial Installer Canterbury. Therefore ensuring you have the best possible viewing experience. You may require an upgrade if you are experiencing issues with your current TV aerial. We are more than happy to help you out, regardless of your current provider.

There are a range of things which can affect your TV Aerial. For example, extreme weather conditions. However once the weather passes, your aerial should return to normal. If it doesn’t then you will require a repair or replacement. We understand that you want your aerial to be working at all times, at TV Aerial Installation Canterbury we guarantee to do that. Your TV provides you with your daily news, entertainment, sport etc, and we understand how frustrating it is when that isn’t working. 

In order to provide you with the ideal solution, our trained engineers will assess your property prior to your installation. For the best singal, your aerial must be installed in the prime position. Unlike our competitors, at Mike Harris TV Aerial Installer Canterbury we do not have height restrictions. Regardless of how high your aerial has to be placed, we promise to get it done. 

How much do Digital TV Aerials in Canterbury cost to fit?

There are a range of internal and external factors that must be considered when installing an aerial.  For instance, the location of your house, your provider, the type of aerial used, the number of TV Aerial sockets required etc. Therefore we do not have a set price list nor do we offer quotes over the phone. However, our trained engineers will come to your property for free to assess it and provide you with a free quote. We have the guaranteed best prices in the area.. If another professional company has given you a written quote, we promise to beat it. 

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Do you need a new aerial? Are you ready to book with us? Regardless of your needs, we are here to offer our expertise. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 

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About Canterbury

The Canterbury area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Lower Paleolithic axes, and Neolithic and Bronze Age pots have been found in the area. Canterbury was first recorded as the main settlement of the Celtic tribe of the Cantiaci, which inhabited most of modern-day Kent. In the 1st century AD, the Romans captured the settlement and named it Durovernum Cantiacorum. The Romans rebuilt the city, with new streets in a grid pattern, a theatre, a temple, a forum, and public baths. Although they did not maintain a major military garrison, its position on Watling Street relative to the major Kentish ports of Rutupiae (Richborough), Dubrae (Dover), and Lemanae (Lymne) gave it considerable strategic importance. In the late 3rd century, to defend against attack from barbarians, the Romans built an earth bank around the city and a wall with seven gates, which enclosed an area of 130 acres (53 ha).


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