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What are the Benefits of Using a Smart TV?

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What Are the Benefits of Using a Smart TV?

Due to several technological improvements, many consumers now prefer smart TVs to traditional TVs for a variety of reasons. Although a smart TV’s main feature is the ability to utilise the TV by being dependent on the internet, it is crucial to note that a TV aerial is still strongly recommended when you own one. Broadband is not always feasible, as we all know, and you must still have access to live TV channels in addition to this. To contact one of our engineers about aerial or satellite requirements, click here or call 0800 157 7358.

So, what are the benefits of using a smart TV? The main advantage of using a smart TV is its ability to provide a more engaging experience for the viewer by providing streaming capabilities and internet connectivity. With these being the primary characteristics, there are also a number of additional advantages to utilising a smart TV, which we shall explore in greater detail. Stay tuned to find out, is a smart TV worth buying?  

It Is as Easy to Use as a Normal TV

The key question that the majority of people ask themselves with every technological advancement is, “How much more advanced will this device be compared to the last version?” How difficult would it be to utilise this equipment or system is a concern that many individuals, especially of the older generation, will have to think about. A smart TV is not difficult to use! The main difference between a smart TV and a regular TV is that a smart TV needs to be connected to the internet in order to access streaming services. But both types of TVs require the user to plug them into the wall. The majority of smart TVs are WIFI enabled, which means that a wireless adapter is integrated into the device; but, if yours does not, you may always connect the TV to the internet router using an ethernet cable. Once this is done, your smart TV is ready to use, and you can start using your preferred apps and channels to view your favourite shows and movies.

Convenient to Your Schedule  

The freedom to watch what you want, when you want, is what many people think one of the most important benefits of using a smart TV is. Many homeowners select smart TVs instead of traditional TVs because they can watch anything they want, whenever they want, and around their busy schedules thanks to streaming services. Others would much rather have a greater selection of choices. Although, many people still prefer the novelty of sitting down in the evening with their family to watch their favourite soaps or TV programmes. However, as explained, having a smart TV does not eliminate the possibility of using Freeview services, and the TV owner can still access both. Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure your aerial or satellite is in a working order, especially if you can’t access streaming services because of internet problems. To avoid any future inconveniences with your TV or smart TV, our professionals at Mike Harris would be more than delighted to help with any problems you may have with your aerial or satellite.


Despite the fact that many premium smart TVs seem to be on the more expensive side, some of them are less expensive. How often you turn on the TV is the major factor to take into account here. It can be difficult to choose which brand or model to buy today because there are so many smart TVs available. Did you know that nine out of ten TVs listed on Amazon are smart!? Our recommendation to you is to think about how much use you will get out of the TV depending on where it will be located in your home, then choose your maximum price point from there. The price of a smart TV typically reflects what you can expect from it. It only really makes sense to get a smart TV when this is taken into account because some smart TVs are priced similarly to ordinary TVs!

Large Selection of Streaming Apps to Choose From

Although the majority of smart TVs come preinstalled with a variety of popular apps, you can also download any other apps you’d like from a wide selection offered by the device. On a Samsung smart TV, the procedure is as simple as choosing the app’s icon from the menu bar, navigating the download menu, and pressing the install button. One of the main advantages of utilising a smart TV is having access to the greatest streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer, and many others. These services all seem to be favourites in the UK.

Given these benefits of using a smart TV, it should come as no surprise that more people are purchasing smart TVs than traditional TVs. If you’re looking for a new TV, think about how a smart TV’s limitless content options can completely transform the way you watch TV! Nothing looks sleeker than a wall-mounted smart TV too! However, we understand that doing this on your own accord can be extremely difficult. To avoid damage to yourself, and the TV, you are always best to contact a professional. To enquire with the Mike Harris team about TV wall mounting services simply click here or contact us on 0808 109 4026.

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