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We Guarantee To Turn Up On Time

Have you decided to cancel your Sky contract but still have a satellite dish on the building?

Why not use it for Freesat?

It’s easy to do, if your TV doesn’t have Freesat built in then all you need is a set top box plugged in. We can adjust the dish a bit or change the LNB (if you need it) which means you’ll have 200+ channels and not have a monthly contract.

Simply call Mike on 07889 223 935 or WhatsApp now.

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Want the Best TV Aerial Installation?
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We guarantee a perfect TV Aerial Installation.
Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite are a local based TV Aerial Installation and Repair Installers near you

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Did you type out TV Aerial Installation near me?

Our experienced fitters in specialise in all types of TV Aerial installation and Repairs, Freesat Fitting and Repairs, Freeview Installs and Fixes, TV wall mount installations.
From a basic TV aerial installation to complex European and foreign satellite installations, Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite are your local experts. We know Your Area like the back of our hand. Even Better!

Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite are Proud to serve You and offer You the very best TV aerial installation! FANDABBYDOSY!

What the experienced professionals of Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite can offer you:

We offer free quotes on all new TV Aerial installations

All our work is guaranteed in Your Area

Friendly repairmen for customer satisfaction throughout Your Area

We are fully insured for peace of mind to every Customer in Your Area

Specialists in Fault finding everywhere in Your Area

We offer Aerial Realignments to all our Customers in Your Area

Experts in Digital TV aerial repairs and installations everywhere in Your Area

Trained in all aspects of Aerial upgrades at all homes in Your Area

All types of TV Aerials supplied and fitted throughout Your Area

Qualified in aerial repairs and installations to every property in Your Area

Very skilled in all Freeview aerial installs and we can download the Freeview App at every location in Your Area

Can Relocate TV aerials and satellite dishes to anywhere else in your property anywhere in Your Area

Can supply Extra multi-room T.V Points to ALL homes in Your Area

We offer a SAME DAY 1 hour local SERVICE with FREE QUOTATIONS on all new Installations, residential and commercial throughout Your Area.

Poor Reception? Like Perfect TV Pictures in Every Room in your own Property? Click here to Contact us Now

Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite services can attend your property and perform a COMPLETE diagnosis of your digital television viewing system.

To make sure that you are left with a great Television signal in Your Home, we will identify all problems within your system and work on each issue to make sure that you are able to enjoy your TV with 100% satisfaction. We can also install extra points in each room of your home.

Why Mike Harris Aerial and Satellite?

Local Installers in Your Area– with in depth local knowledge of Your Location

Experience – All Mike Harris Installers have many years’ experience in Your Area

Fully Insured – Full public liability insurance & guarantees for peace of mind to ALL Customers

Best Equipment – The best materials & tools to ensure the BEST TV Aerial installation for You

Price Match – We will match any written quote on a like for like basis for ALL Customers

Poor Reception? We can give you the Perfect Aerial Installation in your property

If your old Aerial Installation doesn’t work we can boost your signal strength with a new Digital TV Aerial and an aerial amplifier at your home

If you have poor reception or weak signal in your signal area we can give you great Digital TV and Television Reception at your house

Fast & Affordable Aerial Support
We pride ourselves on providing a fast and foolproof service. Our engineers carry any parts that may be required to complete your repair or installation. This means in most cases we able to offer same-day appointments, so you can get straight back to enjoying all of your favourite shows.

With free, no-obligation quotes available, there’s never been a better time to call Mike Harris. For more information please call FREE on 0800 157 7358 or on a mobile 07889 223 935. Alternatively, you can also use the contact form in the top left corner of the page.

Quick piece of info from your Your Local TV Aerial Installation Team:

2 samples of the types of TV Aerial Installation equipment we use are a Yagi aerial and Log-periodic aerial
When a higher gain TV aerial installationis required to obtain an adequate signal in fringe reception areas, an outdoor directional antenna is usually used. Although most simple television aerials have null directions where they have no response, the directions of useful gain are very general. In contrast, directional antennas can have an almost unidirectional radiation pattern so the right end of the antenna must be directed at the TV station. As a TV aerial installation design provides larger gain (compared to a dipole), the main lobe of the radiation pattern becomes smaller.

Outdoor TV aerial installation designs are often based on the Yagi-Uda antenna or log-periodic dipole array (LPDA). These are composed of multiple half-wave dipole elements, consisting of metal rods which are half of the wavelength of the TV signal, mounted in a line on a support boom. These are resonators; the electric field of the incoming radio wave pushes the electrons in the rods back and forth, making standing waves of oscillating voltage in the rods. The antenna can have a smaller or larger number of rod elements; in general the increase in elements the larger the gain and the more directional.

Another TV aerial installation design, used mainly for UHF signals, is the reflective array antenna, consisting of a vertical metal screen with many dipole elements mounted in front of it.

The TV aerial installation broadcast bands are too large in frequency to be covered by a single aerial, so either separate antennas are used for the VHF and UHF bands, or a combination (combo) VHF/UHF antenna. A VHF/UHF antenna is in essence two aerials feeding the same feedline mounted on the same support boom. Larger elements which pick up VHF frequencies are located at the “back” of the boom and often perform as a log-periodic aerial. Shorter elements which receive the UHF stations are located at the “front” of the boom and often perform as a Yagi antenna.

Since directional antennas must be directed at the transmitting TV aerial installation, this is a concern when the TV aerial installation stations to be received are found in various directions. In this instance two or more directional rooftop TV aerial installations each directed at a different transmitter are sometimes mounted on the same pole and applied to one receiver; for greatest performance filter or matching circuits are given to keep each TV aerial installation from degrading the performance of the others joined to the same transmission line. An opposite is to use a single TV aerial installation mounted on a rotator, a remote servo system that circles the TV aerial installation to a different direction when a dial next to the TV is turned.

Sometimes TV transmitters are meant to be located such that receivers in a given area need receive transmissions in only a relatively narrow band of the full UHF TV spectrum and from the same location

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